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Subject Selections

Year 9

In Year 9 students commence a TWO year course of study. For Year 9 they will be able to choose 2 elective subjects.

The following documents are those given to the students to help with the process of choosing.

This booklet has information about the ROSA and information about specific subjects offered at the school.

Year 11

In Year 11 students commence a TWO year course of study. For Year 11 they will be able to choose their own pattern of study. The following documents are those given to the students to help with the process of choosing.

This booklet has guidelines for selecting patterns of study and information about specific subjects and courses offered at the school.

Information for Vocational Education courses offered at our school

Externally Delivered VET (EVET)

Externally Delivered Vocational Education and Training (EVET) courses are delivered by TAFE or other VET Providers. EVET allow school students to gain workplace skills and experience to get a head-start on their career.

EVET allows you to:

·         Gain practical, work-related skills to enhance your future employment opportunities.

·         Complete units that count towards your Higher School Certificate (HSC).

·         Start or complete a nationally-recognised VET qualification while still at school.

·         When you finish your EVET course you'll receive a nationally-accredited Certificate qualification or a Statement of Attainment. Most EVET courses articulate into further TAFE, or Private College courses.

EVET courses are offered across a variety of job areas, such as children's services, automotive mechanics, animal studies, human services (nursing), and many more.

Contribution towards Higher School Certificate (HSC) and ATAR

All EVET courses count towards a student's HSC. EVET Industry Curriculum Framework (ICF) courses may contribute to the Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) with students having ability to sit for an optional Higher School Certificate exam. All ICF courses include mandatory work placement of 70 hours over 2 years.

Work placement

Many EVET courses include some time working in the industry area of your course. This is called 'work placement' and it gives students the chance to learn new skills and apply the skills they have already learnt as part of their course.

Work placement helps students to:

·         Gain insights into the kind of career they would like to have

·         Make informed decisions about further training and study

·         Become more employable

·         Be better equipped for business and employment opportunities

When applying for an EVET course, students and their parents will need to show that:

·         Career pathway planning is integral to the student’s course selection

·         The student understands the commitment required, including:

·         The completion of all course requirements, including mandatory work placement

·         Regular attendance. Students are responsible for arranging their own travel and meeting the      travel costs

·         Time-tabling issues which may require students to catch up on class work missed at school

Applications to undertake an EVET courses occur during Term 3.

Contact the school’s VET Coordinator or Careers Adviser for details on what VET courses are available and how to apply.

Additional useful documents for Year 11