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Bring your own device (BYOD)

Welcome to Bring your own device (BYOD) at Dapto High School.

Technology is an ever growing presence in our lives and is transforming the classroom. Dapto High School strives to keep at the forefront of technology, bring your own device is great initiative to keep up with the ever growing and changing technology in our lives.

Our BYOD policy encourages students to be creative, engaged digital citizens and actively participate in their own learning.

At Dapto High we expect every student to have a device charged and ready to use every day.  The school has an open BYOD policy, allowing each family the freedom to select a device. From our experience we are finding that a laptop is the best option for students and highly recommend that parents look into purchasing a laptop for their school use.

To support the BYOD program we offer access to a range of free software. Every student has access to a free Office 365 account and an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription so please be aware when purchasing a device you do not need to purchase any additional software.

Dapto High employs a full time technical support officer to help students with their devices and is available to parents to answer any question. Details are below.

We understand that it can be quite difficult for families to provide devices for each child. We have been exploring options and would like to recommend Chromebooks as a low cost solution for families, find more information below.

Deputy Principal Darcy Moore – darcy.moore@det.nsw.edu.au

Technical Support Officer - Adam Toole – adam.toole5@det.nsw.edu.au

For instructions on installing this software a Youtube video with step by step instructions please look to the video below.

This guide (Wifi Connection Guide Dapto HS) will help you connect different devices to the school wifi.

HP Portal - Click here to visit Dapto High School Portal

The HP Portal is a website for purchasing a laptop at competitive pricing with special benefits. The advantage of purchasing from the HP Portal is that every device comes with a 3 year warranty. There is also the option to include the accidental damage plan.  This is an excellent option for those who wish to invest in a quality device but want some insurance.  The accidental damage plan helps insure that the device will be up and working for three years or more.  Therefore when working out the price you can calculate it out on a per year value.  

Visit our BYOD page on the Dapto High website for access and more information or you can use the address http://www.hpshopping.com.au/daptobyod to access and don’t forget to add the discount code dapto5% for an extra 5% off.

What device is right for me?

This can be a daunting experience selecting the right device for your student, we hope to make it easier for your family with our open policy.

The decision depends of a few factors:

  • what device does your child already use?
  • what device are they asking for?
  • what devices/platforms do your family already own?

Many students already have tablets and are commencing the year with these devices if you are planning to upgrade as a birthday or Christmas present we recommend to go for a laptop.

A laptop is the better solution, Apple make great products but they can be expensive. Windows laptops are a great option there is a massive range of device available and it comes down to personal preference. If you are a large family or working on a budget Google Chromebooks are a great low cost solution that we recommend.

A laptop allows the student to do everything that will be required in the classroom. It allows for a better user experience when typing and researching. Larger laptops will allow for a more battery and a bigger screen but may not be practical for students to carry around all day. The best idea is to have a shop around and let the student see what device will be suited to them. Visit a few stores get some prices and play the stores against each other to ensure you get the best price.

What specifications?

A device with 4GB or more of RAM is a good choice. RAM is the thinking space of a computer and any less than 4GB will be too slow.

Storage on the devices, over 128 GB is preferred for Windows devices.

The school prefers the device to have the ability to connect by WIFI signal  802.11 N 5GZ, which is the standard on any new device.

Now there are many other specifications these are still important but most new devices will be fast enough and have enough storage that it is not an issue. Factors such as size and a case can be more important you want the device to be kept safe so that it can be used every day.

Google is your friend if you have found a device your student likes look up reviews on the model number of that device, any question you have has already been answered and a few minutes research and you can go into store feeling confident in your choice.


Chromebooks are a new computing device that uses a streamlined Chrome operating system, different to Microsoft Windows or Apple iOS. A simple interface most work will be done through the Chrome browser. Some of the advantages of Chromebooks are a high level of security/virus free, long battery life and quick 10 sec boot time.

They are heavily reliant on a internet connection and suited to homes with internet and WiFi access.

Chromebooks from Kogan are a great low cost option


Plagiarism policy

Plagiarism is copying the work of somebody else & claiming it as your own. This person can be an author, artist, photographer or another student.

The most common (but not all) actions students do to plagiarise are:

  1. Copy from a source (e.g., book, another student or web site) & hand it in to their teacher as their own,
  2. Change a few words in a sentence & claim it all as their own work,
  3. Copy images & not acknowledges source.

Students need to respect the work of others & reference sources of information in a bibliography. It is also important to use quotes "    " when using words of another author.

Remember, it is always better to put information into your own words. This lets teachers know you have understood the work.

If a student is not sure of what to do then refer to your teacher or to the Teacher Librarian.

All students need to be aware that plagiarism will be penalised by zero marks or N awards.